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उर्दू फोनेटिक की बोर्ड की सुविधा

if any ime is not installed please follow, following instructions:Insert win XP service pack2 cd into the cd romAnd close the autorun page of win XPClick on start click on control panel click on regional & language optionsClick on language tabUnder supplement language supportTick the check box in front of install file for complex script rightto left languagesClick on apply and okIt will prompt you that it is going to copy addition files from win XPcd to your hard driveIt will copy some filesNow it will ask you restart your system please restart your system
If hindi ime is loaded then start these following instructions:Double click on the link provide send in mailhttp://meltingpot.fortunecity.com/mlk/470/urdu_phonetic_keyboard.htm
Double click self-installing windows zip file (recommended) 16.1 kbSave the file in your hard diskClick on zip file (8.52 kb)After that extract the files it will create a folder called urdu-PhnExtract the file urdukbd.zipNow please insert win XP cdNow open the extracted folder urdukbdDouble click on install.batIt will copy the some files from win XP service pack2 cdOpen the extracted folder urduPhnDouble click on file urdu-Phn.msi and follow the instructionplease restart your systemclick control panel click on regional & language optionsClick on language tabClick details select keyboard click add select input language United stateSelect key board layout/ime Urdu phonetic keyboardClick ok Click apply okplease restart your systemOpen Ms word
Right Click EnShow languages barClickTick on UrduClick UrduTick Urdu phonetic keyboard layoutStart typing in UrduIf any difficulty or problem plz contactSudhir kumarOr call on 919412255408Or mail on ksudhir128@gmail.com
k_sudhir128@ rediffmail.com k_sudhir128@yahoo.co.in acc@india.com

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Hindi Teaching Material by UPenn


Listening Comprehensionin Standard Hindi atAdvanced and Superior levels

Introduction to the Program
Five Video Interviews
Guidelines for Learners


प्रेम की परिभाषा

ओशो का संदेश

मेरा संदेश छोटा सा है:

आनंद से जीओ। और जीवन के समस्त रंगों को जीओ।
कुछ भी निषेध नहीं करना है। जो भी परमात्मा का है,शुभ है।
जो भी उसने दिया है ,अर्थपूर्ण है।
उसमें से किसी चीज़ का इनकार करना ,
परमात्मा का ही इनकार है,
नास्तिकता है।
- ओशो
साभार : (ओशो वर्ल्ड दिसंबर,2007 )